The Colosseum

The Colosseum is the most famous and recognisable monument belonging to the classical world. The Emperor Vespasian ordered its building with the aim to win the favor of Roman people, who were exhausted from the violence and poverty caused by his predecessors. Romans loved the Galdiator games but the city had no suitable place for holding them, building an amphiteater or Arena in Rome meant to gain people’s favor.

Originally the name of this enourmous complex was Flavian Amphiteater only later it would be called the Colosseum. Construction started in about A.D. 75 but Vespasian didn’t live to see its achievement. His oldest son Titus continued construction and opened it to public in 80 even if the last decorative works were finished by Domitian, Vespasian’s youngest son and Titus’s younger brother. The monument was and it is today, an imposing and magnificent structure with fifty thousand seats that celebrated the power and greatness of Roman Empire.

The Colosseum was the world’s largest amphiteather where took place the bloody gladiator games. For the inauguration’s occasion Titus invited people from all the empire and visitors were excited even though the games were particularly cruel. Gladiator games consisted on fights between two armed gladiators battling until one was killed or pardoned. As gladiator games grew in popularity the Romans dropped the pretext that the games were a funeral ritual and gladiators became professional.

From an architectural point of view the Colosseum has an elliptical shape, it stood 160 feet high with four stories of windows, arches, and columns and each of the three exterior floors consisted of 80 arches. It was the symbol of Romans engineering that professionists have been studing for centuries.

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