Easter recipes: holy good food

Food Easter traditions vary greatly from place to place, and here are some of my favorite Italian Easter recipes.
Pani Pasquali (Easter Breads) are spread in all the Peninsula! These breads celebrate Eastzer time and contain cheese, sausage or salami, breads hard-boiled eggs like Casatiello.

The soups are also largely loved during Easter time. For example, the Schiacciata alla Fiorentina, meaning the most traditional recipes for this classic Florentine Easter cake made with lard. First, you make a basic loaf with the yeast, then the magic!
Brodetto Pasquale is a rich Roman soup. The stars in this dish are lamb and beef, and the stew is thickened with eggs. Strong and really nutrient, this comfort food for peasants is today a really refined recipe and really common in Rome.
Torta alla Pasqualina is a fab pie from Liguria made with spinach and many eggs, which were once a reminder of spring coming finally. Old traditional recipes advice to make the puff pastry with 33 layers. Another sign of Spring are fresh peas and no Easter table is ready without them. The preparation is quite simple, and quite old too if we can traced it back to the 1450s, when Maestro Martino gave the same recipe our mothers follow today.

Turning to meat, you should try if you are in Italy in holiday during Easter timeĀ  Capretto Cacio e Uova: it is made with kid (or lamb) stewed with cheese, eggs, and peas and it comes from Neapolitan Easter tradition!
La Pastiera Napoletana is another amongst the finest dishes of
Neapolitan tradition!!! A centuries-old cakeĀ  appears in countless versions.
Everybody just love it from generation to generation. Going more south, we will find the Black Easter Rice: Riso Nero di Pasqua, a Sicilian Easter recipe made of…chocolate, instead of squid ink. So it is not really a first course but a pudding dessert. You can find it in the province of Messina as a devotion offer to the Madonna Nera di Tindari.

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