Along the Griffons’ traces in Sardinian

Can’t wait  to feel the sun, the beaches, the summertime in Sardinian? Well, I truly understand you! The colour and the light in this island are fantastic! But there is also some interesting itineraries to follow in particular spot of this beautiful land! Lovely is for example the Griffons’route from Alghero to Bosa  along  a coastal winding road
that rises up to 150 m of height, and it is ca. 45 km long. Suitable in particular for enviromentalist and families or for those which have inside a wild and indomable spirit, The Griffons’ Coast stretches from Alghero to Capo Marrargiu.

Only 50km, but an hard trip from the start!

The kingdom of the griffon-vulture, a big bird of prey that lives in this area, aren’t that easy to reach but it is totally worthy to go and visit! Griffons are visible during the first hours of the day or at sunset, in their apparently motionless and solitary flight.
The vegetation covers  the overhanging reefs, dreamly shaped like stairs, because they are windswept in every season: here Griffons, buzzards and ravens make their homes.

Passed by the wildness at heart brought by the Griffons and passed Capo Marrargiu, the landscape changes and becomes softer: the sea is even accessible along paths that lead to the beaches and wonderful inlets, getting through Mediterranean maquis and forest of olive trees where you can see the flocks and the horses in an idylliac coast sightseeing!

After our relaxing bath we can drive off to Bosa, a beautiful small town placed along the river Temo as far as the sea. The smll site was an important Carthaginian trading centre and then a Roman municipium, then a feud of the Malaspina marquises: the castle they built traces back to 1112 and still there to challenge the centuries!
Where to go here? The Cathedral and the Church of San Pietro Extramuros are worth a visit. Here in Bosa you will find artisan and craftsmen specialised in manufacturing the gold filigree and the characteristic embroidery of the women from Bosa, called filet of Bosa.

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