Italy: so many images: art, good food, bel canto, panoramic views, gentle and peaceful hills, blue sea, mountains, big cities and small towns, pasta, wine, olive oil, Leonardo, Venice, Michelangelo, the Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa, Rome, Milan …. many images, but Italy is not just that.

This is just a result. What remains to be discovered is the life that has brought and maintained this result, without preconceptions.

This country offers something to everyone. It offers the opportunity to spend a holiday suited to your needs. In Italy you can find almost everything but monsoons and the icebergs!

Planning a holiday in Italy is difficult. What criteria can be used? Well, the question “what is important to see?” is unsatisfactory. The answer “almost all” would disorientate potential visitors, unless they can afford long months of vacation and a very substantial budget.

Let’s start then with “what kind of vacation I want to do?“: sea, sun and crystal clear salted water? or green and relaxing hills with walks, good food and nights in the moonlight accompanied by the scents and the music of the campaign? or the spectacular peaks of the snowy mountains with magnificent views? or art, art in the streets, squares, palaces, churches and museums? or … or … or …

If you have made your choice, now we just need to find the right area, close to something to some place you are interested in too, respecting both your budget and your dreams.

This website will give information about some of the most famous places, from North to South. Getting to know Italian Life and Lifestyle is up to visitors. Their curiosity to discover hidden corners, traditions, music and aromas typical of this land, will help them to reach their goal.

Have a nice holiday and welcome to Italy!

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