Best Places

Italy is a country full of artistic treasures and fascinating landscapes. Past times tell us a story made of several and different dominations, which have left every time a bit of their culture, so creating a strong base for the development of new and valuable styles in any field Italian expressed themselves. Art cities, as Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome, are well known all over the world, but Italy is full of small impressive towns. They have monuments or breathtaking views.

Italy is a country where sea, hills and mountains meet and offer the opportunity to enjoy the best of any of them just driving for a very short time.

Italy is a country where the cuisine is a strong and fundamental tradition. Any region, or even any small town or village, has created its own recipes according to historical influences and to the products of the area. The climate is in fact very different from north to south. So any place is the best place to taste Italian food, maybe except too much tourist places.

Italy is a country full of amazing tiny spots. Among them we can count the many small islands. The Isle of Elba, the Isle of Ischia, the isle of Capri, the Eolian Islands, the Tremiti Islands and so on. They are small jewels spread on the clue carpet of the sea. The views offered can be so astonishing that some of them have been recognised as world Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Italian is also a country looking at the future. Cities as Milan or Florence witness that modernity is included in this historical panorama, giving it a chance to be moderated in an equilibrium aimung to an harmony suitable for human beings.

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