Rome is an Italian town of 2,726,927 inhabitants. It is the capital of the province of Rome, of the region Latium and capital of the Italian Republic.

It is the most populous municipality, and with an area of 1285 kilometers ², it is the largest in Italy.

Throughout its thousand-year history, it was the capital of the Roman Empire and the heart of Catholic Christianity. Its historic centre, overlapping testimonies of almost three millennia, has been listed as World Heritage Site.

Rome hosts inside the enclave of the Vatican City.

Rome is indeed a city with centuries of history: the capital of an empire that was able to conquer the entire Mediterranean, central office of the Papacy, the centre of attraction for artists from around the world from the Renaissance on, open-air laboratory for experiments (squares, palaces and churches) of the Baroque, and finally the capital of Italy since 1870.

All civilizations that have followed have left their unmistakable imprint, so that we can definitely say that in Rome there’s something to see for all tastes.

Rome is about 20 km far from the sea and is a very large city, but the old town, the area where tourists do most of the visits is quite limited and it is possible to visit it just walking.

Most of the places that visitors will want to see is at a reasonable distance from the city’s main railway station the “Stazione Termini”. All the major monuments are situated west of the station.

The Palatine and the Roman Forum are the heart of ancient Rome. Via del Corso connects the Forum to Piazza del Popolo in the north and in the east there are the steps of Piazza di Spagna and the Trevi Fountain.

To the northwest of the Forum, across the Tiber, there is the Vatican.

In any case, being closer to the historical centre is much more charming and only slightly more expensive. Visitors can eat well at moderate prices in restaurants around Piazza Navona and in the Trastevere district.

If time is short and people wants to visit the city in a few days, the
main goals are: the Colosseum, the Domus Aurea, the Basilica of San Giovanni, the Campidoglio, the Capitoline Museums, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona , the Pantheon, the Basilica of St. Peter and the Vatican Museums.

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