Italian countryside

The traditional landscapes in Italy are so many because of the difference of environmental conditions given by the morphology, geology and climate of the Peninsula. The relationship between these landscapes and the long Italian history is extremely varied because the latter has been creating a lot of different landscapes belonging to Italian agriculture. The traditional countryside is the result of a slow evolution. Properly, it is the result of a collective plan where the agricultural populations become the “actors”.

What distinguishes the complexity of the historical characters of the Italian countryside, compared to other European landscapes, is the multiplicity and layering of different tracks visible in the territory and in the form of woods and fields, left by the numerous civilizations that had been following for centuries. The different civilizations gave a huge contribution to our campaigns: plant species, cultivation techniques, ways to use  water, buildings and artifacts, so that the Italian landscape has a very special historical value compared to other European countries.

To make significant examples of beauty of Italian countryside is sufficient considering Tuscany territory where the sculpted quality of the landscape takes on an architectural beauty as we view it from above the area’s vineyards flanked by majestic spires of cypress trees, interspersed here and there by farmhouses and moss-covered castles that blend in with their natural setting.

Or visiting areas surronding the lakes of Como, Garda, and Maggiore where the velvety green hillsides and brilliantly colored flowers attract visitors’ sight.

Discover the charme of the Italian countryside!

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