Brasato al Barolo: when wine and meat are in love

Again in this October we need to create a great meal for dinner time! It is starting to be cold so meat can be much of a confort to everyone who comes back home after commuting from a long day at work. What to propose then? Brasato al Barolo is one of the classic Piemontese dishes, made with the fruits of its countryside: a lot of  Barolo (or also Chianti, Brunello, Taurasi). A slow dish to cook, almost two hours, but it is worthy to wait for the grande finale!


3 pounds beef, either rump roast or a similar cut
A bottle of Barolo
A large onion
A large carrot
A stalk of celery
A bay leaf
Butcher’s twine
2 tablespoons butter and 2 tablespoons prosciutto fat
1/4 cup cognac
Salt to taste.


  1. The day before you plan actually to cook the meat, slice the onion, celery, and carrot.
  2. Put them in a bowl with the meat, bay leaf, and peppercorns. Pour the wine and marinate it until the next day.
  3. Now remove the meat, preserving the marinade, and dry the meat.
  4. Strain the marinade in a pot, boil it , and cook it until it’s reduced by half. Tie the meat and brown it in a pot with the butter and prosciutto fat.
  5. Pour some cognac over the meat and light it.
  6. Season the meat with salt, put the reduced marinade over it, and then add the vegetables, cover everything and simmer over a low heat about two hours. When the meat is ready, put it onto a platter and free it from the string which you have used to tie it up.
  7. Remove  the bay leaf. Remove the vegetables and blend them.
  8. Degrease the sauce, stir the vegetables into it, and in the end pour all over the meat.
  9. Serve the dish with mashed potatoes or polenta, coming along with a bottle of…Barolo.

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