Cheese and Nero d’Avola wine: from Ragusa and Sicily with red passion

Sicily: what a triangle to visit! But again where to start? Going to the south? There is the Channel of Sicily, the door to Africa. From the gorgeous beaches or the countryside, made of hills and farms, necropolis and amphitheatres coming form the Greek: all is to be discovered in Sicily! Do not panic and stay with us for a little tour of a peculiar town in the north of the triangle!

Going to the North? There is Mount Lauro, the highest peak of the Iblei mountains, the province of Ragusa, the centre with Modica – of a gastronomy that counts artichokes, tomatoes and the olive with the Dop “Monti Iblei” quality brand on it and the biggest centre where to find delicious pecorino and ricotta cheese from the  sheep!

Here we can taste also the original Nero d’Avola wine, the red heart of many Sicilian red wines. let’s have a look at the town. Rich in History and fascination, Ragusa can surprise you for the variety of things to visit here.

Ragusa Inferiore is well-known since ancient time with the name of Ibla: baroque churches and buildings belonging to the old feudal nobility are surrounded by narrow alleys and mixed up with the ancient Arab traces. The Duomo of  St. George is another gorgeous piece of church coming from the baroque architecture!

Ragusa Superiore is instead an eighteenth- century city of late baroque buildings; here the  Ibleo archaeological museum which has six sections, ranging from prehistoric stations, to the necropoles and the Syracuse colony of Camarina, archaic Siculean towns, Hellenistic centres, late Roman settlements, collections and acquisitions.
The Cava d’Ispica (near Modica) is something you can’t forget if you have the luck to visit it: it is a narrow gorge of 13 km.  where  necropoles, rocky dwellings, catacombs and  shrines come from the Eneolithic period!

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