Sustainable Christmas markets in South Tyrol


Christmas markets in green South Tyrol: the climate is still mild in December, and  the snow begins to whiten these beautiful landscapes. In any case, already now the magical atmosphere of the Christmas Markets reigns. It is a fantastic place of elves, fairies and children. And for men who do not want to become ever older.

This precise effect is when you go to the Markets in South Tyrol, a mixture of tastes and knowledge, a mix of beautiful people and a lover of his land, cultures and languages, traditions and innovations. Innovations are at hand: because this year the Original Markets in South Tyrol / Südtirol – Bolzano, Merano, Bressanone, Vipiteno and Brunico – become “Green Event”, meaning that the different events were planned and organized according to the criteria of protection of environment, enhancement of regional products, resource efficiency, waste management, sustainable mobility and social responsibility.

The organizers of the 5 Original Christmas market in South Tyrol have been working for three years, under the guidance of the Eco Institute Alto Adige, to implement the sustainability criteria in the planning, organization and implementation of the event: and this year the Original Markets in South Tyrol has finally received the certification of “Green Event”.

And so, surrounded by the smell of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts,freshly made pretzel,  glorious soups and barley and chives, you will enter in these lanes of stands and shops which are truly spectacular, where the wisdom of the hands of the artisans is one with the unique atmosphere of Christmas time. Not to mention those in which you eat divinely!!

Bolzano is dressed up and everywhere you can hear Christmas music, lights, the sweet smell of cinnamon and mulled wine. The famous Christmas market in Bolzano takes place every year on the first Advent until December 24. In all over 80 stalls offering their products.

In the beautiful setting of the Passer Promenade awaits for you the traditional Christmas market in Merano. The medieval stalls with local specialties such as a honey wine, with the so-called “Feuerzangbowle” or even with delicious buckwheat dumplings are there for the visitors. And of course on offer the traditional crafts, from handmade candles, slippers or even decoration for the Christmas tree there is everything and more.

Piazza Duomo hosts the Christmas market in Bressanone with a special atmosphere during Advent. It is the ideal place for a leisurely stroll through the stalls, after a day on the ski slopes of the ski area Plose or at the indoor pool Aquarena. Check also the Nativity Scene Museum which is located inside the Palazzo Vescovile.
The Christmas market of Brunico is located within the walls of the city and attracts young and old with its 35 wooden stalls offering traditional products and culinary specialties from the region. Tradition and craftsmanship are the centre of attention.
In the main square, dominated by the Tower of the Twelve, the Christmas market of Vipiteno  every year fascinates its visitors. A crib made with statues made completely by hand, located at the Tower of the Twelve is also a small highlight of the market in Sterzing. In the various food stands drinks and of course the goods and sweet mulled wine.

But what is a Green Event? Well, it means to become sustainable in everything, in every aspect relates to the management of markets. It means listening to the environment and people, recognize the impact that an event that attracts thousands of visitors a year can have on the territory and preserve it.

 The collection of waste is carefully organized with containers for paper, cardboard, plastic and glass, while in the food stalls is collected separately also the organic fraction. The staff is responsible for the separation of waste and emptying the containers.

The food stalls offer mainly regional products (most of the products come from certified organic agriculture, while products such as coffee, tea, cocoa and sugar come from fair trade). On the menu products are distinguished by special endorsements, such as “regional product” or “vegetarian”, and in most every food stand must offer at least one vegetarian dish. Mineral water, soft drinks, mulled wine and beer are sold in returnable containers or plug and are completely banned the drinks in cans. Are not used disposable tablecloths, where possible using reusable dishes, are not covered single dose packages and the napkins and paper towels is only recycled paper.

The stands, all wood and reusable for multiple years, the offered goods is for the most part of local origin and traditional production. Decorative lights are LED energy-efficient and light up just at dusk. In general, then, for decoration were used real trees and locally sourced which will subsequently be caught in the cycle thanks to central heating. And an eye to noise pollution, too: no music at high volumes and areas of silence to visitors for a few moments of relaxation.

And, sure, even visitors can be  greener by using public transportation and moving between different markets with the Mobilcard, renouncing to wrap all the presents, so as to produce less waste, making sure to buy products and gifts from  local production in order to encourage short journeys and consuming food and drinks at the same stand, avoiding to bring from home disposable packaging.

Until 6 January 2015, therefore, the five original markets in South Tyrol make you realize that reconciling such an important event with the respect for the environment can be done, among other things, while strengthening the overall image of South Tyrol as the “Green Region” for real.

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