Cinque Terre: Liguria gorgeous travelling and hiking

The Cinque Terre includes  five small, gorgeous villages (“cinque terre” is “five lands” in Italian) which climb to the Ligurian cliffs on the Italy’s western coast. They are usually visited as a whole, mostly because they’re so close to one another!

Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia Manarola e Riomaggiore are world-famous

The Cinque Terre are really dedicated to the tourists. The tiny towns are really popular among American backpackers/budget travelers and German holiday makers, and also British citizens start to go there and discovering the astonishing beauty of the land.

Hiking along the cliffs from village to villages something you have to do once there. The area is almost always packed of tourists!

You could rent a room just showing up and chatting any of the women in the train stations with signs that advertise rooms for renting. Now it is almost impossible during the high season. Book ahead of time so as to avoid the crowd and unpleasent surprise of sleeping in the train station!

Funny to say, but many of the lodging options in the Cinque Terre aren’t on for booking online. Why? It is because many of the rooms in the villages are either rooms in someone’s house or entire small apartments for short-term rentals.

Beware also because  sometimes hotels and hostels that aren’t really in one of the Cinque Terre towns tend to say they’re in the Cinque Terre!

Maybe it is just a short train ride from any of the five villages, but make sure where is the hotel you are going to!

The closest city is La Spezia (located  south of Riomaggiore), and thi is for real a quick train ride to reach the Cinque Terre. If you’re looking at places that are anywhere other than the five Cinque Terre towns or La Spezia, check their locations on a map before you book – don’t just trust that “Cinque Terre” means the same thing to everyone

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