Coming to the Italian Fall food festival

October is perfect for Italian food festivals:  mushrooms, chestnuts, chocolate, and truffles. On October weekends, the stars are the fall food festivals and wine harvest celebrations happening all over Italy. The weather is still warm and it is a perfect month to travel and go visiting town and festivals, especially in the northen and central regions of Italy.

The Fall Truffle Fairs in Italy can be find in Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria,  Marche, and Emilia Romagna regions during October and November. Let’s start from the Piedmont region and from one of the biggest truffle festivals in Italy.

We are talking of the famous Alba White Truffle Festival, an event which takes place  in October in Alba and one of the funniest events is the donkey race.

A gastronomic fair the first two weekends of October is held in Certaldo Alto, Tuscany, and it is called Boccaccesca.

A feast of truffles, chestnuts, and chocolate is happening in Umbria: Umbria Fall Food Festivals is a fab occasion to taste this exquisite food! Incredible and ancient is the Feast of the Thrush, la Sagra del Tordo, a medieval festival made of an archery tournament. The Festival is held the last weekend of October  and it takes place in Montalcino in Tuscany. The competition will see fighting the four neighborhoods of the little town.

Cremona hosts a yummy “Torrone Festival” on the fourth weekend in October: the beautiful town boasts to be the birthplace of torrone, an Italian nougat delikatessen. A document traced back to October 25, 1441, the first coming of  torrone on the table and it was for a royal wedding banquet in Cremona. This is the reason why, during the festival,  the historic wedding is re-enacted for the tourists.

It is important to notice that Slow Food’s big International Food Event is in October, too, and “World Pasta Day” will arrive the fourth Sunday in October. So a plenty of great recipe and ingredients to try going around Italy!!!


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