Focaccia from Liguria (Fügassa) a go-go

Cheese focaccia is a typical recipe from Liguria region in Italy; the real fügassa (this is the local name) comes from the town of Recco.

How to make it in your home-sweet-home? The small bakeries in Recco keep their baking secrets to themselves. However, an homemade cheese focaccia is a lovely thing to bake and it is not that difficult. <of course we advice you a trip to beautiful Liguria to taste a bit of heaven, but in the meanwhile you can cope with your desire and have a go with this delicious recipe!

For the filling, traditional baking of fügassa requires a very fresh “crescenza” cheese, that is a white soft cheese. You can also use buffalo mozzarella or soft “stracchino” cheese.

You can use a bread machine to work the dough and the directions are the following: add 250 ml of tepid water to the bread machine bucket. Add 45 ml of extra virgin olive oil. Then, add 500 g of plain flour to the bread machine bucket and about 1 teaspoon of salt. Remember to knead the dough with the bread machine with its own specific program for “kneading” for about 15 minutes.You can also work the dough by hand for about 10 minutes.



The final result? A dough smooth and elastic! Wrap it into a clingfilm and let it rest for about 40-50 minutes.

After the resting, you can cut the dough in four parts in order to make four balls. Using a rolling pin, make a layer as thin as you can!

Brush your tray (preferably a shallow one, rectangular or circular)with olive oil and cover it with your first layer you have already made.

Add the cheese (280-300 g.) to the top of the first layer. With the second ball of dough prepare another layer and  cover the first layer and the cheese. Open the oven you have pre-heated the oven at 220 ºC (gas mark 7). Put the tray on the top shelf and cook everything for about 20 minutes.

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