Home made bread: yummy recipe

Make bread at home this winter! the “Pane fatto in casa”‘s recipe will explain how to make your own Italian country bread at home! In Italy there are lots of varieties of bread: the art of making this delicious food also gives a lot of different names to the results.

It depends on the region of Italy the recipe comes from. let`s try to make Altamura type of bread. it comes from Puglia, a region located in the South of Italy

Ingredients are: 500 g (1.1 lb) Durum wheat semolina, 10 g (a bit less than ½ oz) Fresh yeast, 10 g (1 tbs) Salt, 300 ml (½ pint) Warm water (1 part hot and 2 parts cold), 7.5 ml (½ tbs), ½ tsp of sugar

Ready for the directions?

Put 150 ml of warm water into a jug. Break the fresh yeast (you can buy from Jewish shops a really good one) into pieces and put it into a jug as well. Add the sugar and stir until the yeast is completely dissolved. Cover the jug with a towel and leave to rest (ca. 10 minutes). Put the semolina flour into the big bowl, add the salt and stir. After 10 minutes, whisk  a bit. Work the dough and Put the remaining 150 ml of warm water into the jug. Add the semolina flour into the bucket. On the top of the flour add the remaining 150 ml of warm water.

Knead the dough and when it is ready, sprinkle some plain flour in the bottom of the bowl. Put  the dough into the bowl and cover. Rise the dough inside the oven (you preheat it and leave it on off mode, then put the dough) to rise for 2 hours.

Now put the dough on a working surface, work it with your hands and make a rectangular layer (20×30 cm and 2-3 cm thick). Put on the tray, sprinkle some flour or olive oil and it is done!


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