Hotel Licastelli near Siena

Just south of Siena lies Laticastelli, in the district known as the Crete Senesi, a wide area comprising some of the most charming villages Tuscany has to offer such as Asciano, Buonconvento, Monteroni d’Arbia, Rapolano Terme and San Giovanni d’Asso.

Crete Senesi is a name derived from the colors of the land a unique coloration which is typical only here and has been often referred to as similar to the moon for it’s particular gray pigment.

Laticastelli is literally a few minutes away from Rapolano Terme, a renowned wellness and fitness thermal spa handed down to us over the centuries, dating back to ancient roman domination when this area was a stop off in travels and journeys from Rome to the north of Italy and onwards towards northern Europe.

Laticastelli is a living monument of centuries of dynamic and turbulent history with waves of extreme migration amidst plagues and wars between Siena and Florence.

Sitting on a hilltop and dominating the surroundings, Laticastelli was originally built as a fortress to protect Siena from the south – a stable defensive position securing the city’s boundaries. On ancient maps the main road from Siena was indicated as running along the Ombrone River.

The fortress Laticastelli was depleted and nearly completely destroyed when Siena was defeated by Florence – the entire defensive system Siena had put in place was taken down and Laticastlli was one of the first locations to take the punishment. Only centuries later this location was born to new life when settlers established themselves here: apparently Sicilian farmers who were able to establish sustainable cultivation of wheat. Activities flourished around Laticastelli which was rebuilt as a farm and became an extensive estate covering one thousand hectares and expanding economical interests into other cultivations such as vineyards, olive groves, mills and livestock. The intensity and importance of the Laticastelli transformed the location into an autonomous entity with a local government and was built up into a charming “borgo” or hamlet.

Over the decades owners sold off the lands and properties and laticastelli was once again abandoned.

Today Laticastelli is one of the most charming hotel relais in Toscana, after a long and detailed restoration process. Guests enjoy strolling through the the ancient footpaths with centuries of history to bare: a self contained village for a truly relaxing holiday in Tuscany, just minutes away form Siena an a comfortable drive to Florence.

Laticastelli offers a range of rooms and apartments all with their own individual character, featuring rustic rural wooden furniture, antique doors and windows. The main house welcomes Guests in a medieval kitchen close to a drawing room.

The ancient cellars of Laticastelli are now a fine restaurant offering the best of Tuscan cuisine and wines from a private collection made by the most prestigious local producers.

Laticastelli is the ideal location for those seeking unique locations for their holidays in Tuscany, not the usual hotel, rather a country relais offering the best of the countryside, within a short driving distance from Florence and Siena.

Laticastelli Hotel Relais in Toscana
53040 Rapolano Terme, Siena
Telefono: 0577.724419

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