Love 2014: New Year’s Eve in Venice

venezia-love-capodannoJoining  Venice for Love in 2014 event means  to wish for yourself a Year of Love !
This year the New Year Venetian will again throbbing hearts in one of the most important nights of the year dedicated to love.
Once again, the event of the New Year will culminate in a choral, big kiss in unison as a message of love, peace and brotherhoodThe appointment of new year is richer with LOVE New Year 2014 in Venice that will involve thousands of people in this great kiss to seal the new year at the stroke of midnight.

A simple and meaningful gesture that will start the new year, and an event intended to be the focus of media attention as a symbol in the memory of the city and of all those who will be part of this new, unforgettable magical Venetian night.

The musical entertainment will be accompanied by the usual toast, and at midnight the Bacino di San Marco will become the scene of a fireworks display: spectacular fireworks light up the New Year’s Eve.
Two squares are allocated to this great performance: Piazza San Marco in Venice and Piazza Ferretto in Mestre, the latter location in support” of the most romantic heart of Venice and suitable for a younger audience. The actors are all those who decide to celebrate the first day of the new year in the spectacular setting of the city of the lagoon, one of the most romantic places in the world. And how can we celebrate the location with the largest group kiss you’ve ever seen? The performance will be followed by a lot of animation course in both squares: music, dj-set, fireworks and special effects, with guests of great appeal.
But everyone will be there, in the shadow of the Palazzo Ducale and the Campanile of the Basilica, wait for the countdown that will lead at 00:00 of the new year, to be able to kiss your partner or maybe, why not, the person close to you as a gesture of good luck for the coming year full of love.

History of the event

The New Year Love” was a truly incredible success since it was launched in 2008 and since then it  has been seen as a way to celebrate the strongest feeling in the world, but it certainly is not just participate in a kiss record here that attracts thousands of tourists and that makes Venice (along with Naples), the city in Italy that is more inclined to celebrate their anniversaries in the square. In fact, if midnight will be marked by the passion of the group kiss, the “beforeand after” kiss promises are not to be outdone.
The events related to the celebrations are so many, starting from the Bacino di San Marco where there will be a futuristic spectacle of fireworks that light up the New Year’s Eve that, thanks to the mirror of the lagoon and some special effects, will multiply to give great suggestions. During the evening there will be anywhere performances of street artists, projections on buildings, Christmas lights and to follow, of course, lots of music live (to know the artists we refer to our study on New Year’s Eve concert in the square, constantly updated).
In truth every channel, every square, every corner of the most hidden secrets of the city, will host an event, whether spontaneous or organized in collaboration with the City or the Province, involving tradition, culture, entertainment and glamour of course, as the city of Dogi imposes. There are also alternative proposals, such as midnight on a boat, watching the show directly from the sea: for this opportunity, please contact directly to one of the many small travel agencies Venice.
For the square of Mestre, here too is expected to go wild with music, along with entertainment and DJ recall.

Getting around  the schedules of Love 2014, the advice is to arrive in the square chosen quite on time, for the past editions of the event have become a symbol for the media own very large number of participants involved.

Last year, for example, when the theme of Love in 2013 was “White Venicewith carnival inspiration, saw the approaching (26 January) the start of the other big event that introduced the lagoon city in the world , the persons present at midnight in Piazza San Marco have been about 70,000The main problem will still be the approach to the city: if you arrive in the late afternoon of 31, parking will be a very difficult undertaking!

Still top secret the theme of the event this year, but according to rumours it will probably still “White Venice” and it will still be communicated shortly to allow those who decide to exchange at midnight this sign of universal peace to choose accurately the dress-code of this peculiar Venetian night, undoubtedly the longest in the piazzas.

If you love music, you can double the fun with the events in Teatro La Fenice in Venice for New Year 2015 also proposes a series of concerts with the great conductor Daniel Harding to the direction of the orchestra. Between the end of December and beginning of January there will be three performances of this unmissable concert, where they will perform the Symphony no. 7 by Beethoven and pieces of Italian operas.

The New Year’s concert in 2014 at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice will be held December 30 to 17, 16 and December 31 to January 1 at 11:15. The last concert will be broadcast live on Rai 1.


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