Posh Cervinia: for many, not for all

Breuil Cervinia is a very famous location for posh vacation: it was an earl, Conte Rossi di Montelera, who made made Breuil-Cervinia very, very fashionable.

You could reach the snow covered slopes in summer and winter; and many VIPs and tabloid visit and made Cervinia famous. In 1936 the cableway between Breuil and Plan Maison was opened and tourism intensified.

The national and international guests were personalities ranging from the world of the sport up to the cinema stars: Cervinia has been visited by Arturo Toscanini, Marilyn Monroe, Aristotile Onassis, Fausto Coppi, and many others great and popular names in the stardoom universe.

A wide range of ski centres, sports and entertainment are here today in the province of Aosta at 2050 metres of altitude! The tourist resort of the Alpi Pennine lies in an ample and beautiful basin at the head of the Valtournanche, surronded by “the noblest cliff in Europe”, meaning the astonishing and fierce beauty of Monte Cervino.

Cervino (4478m) was climbed on the Zermatt side on the 14 July 1865 by the British Edward Whimper with six adventurous alpinists. On the Valtournanche side,  the abbot Aimé Gorret reached the peak on the 17th of the same month and year!

Cervinia offers a wide ski district: 200 km of slopes, 31 ski centres and an international connection to Zermatt, in Switzerland, along the cableway Cimebianche Laghi – Plateau Rosà and the chair-lift Bontadini for a total of 350 kilometres of slopes.

It is a bit posh, but really organised and of a real beauty!!! And many tourist gathers here just to have a sneaky peak of some celebrities coming over to enjoy the eternal snow of those peaks, but many others arrive here to taste the ski trails, ranging from the ones for beginners up to the piste nere, the black trails for experts!



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