Sand and sea for your happy Christmas in Rimini

sand nativity

For the Riviera of Rimini has always been a goal to be original and fun! have a look and enjoy spending  your Christmas holidays and the New Year’s Eve  with many funny Rimini’s winter events on the coast, which  is varied and caters for all tastes.
In particular, you can celebrate the New Year in a unique way and in Romagna, especially in Rimini, the opportunities for fun are manifold. The city  is in fact ready to meet all the demands for all tastes.
For New Year’s Eve 2014 several last minute of the various travel agencies that make the city so cheap and economical for all budgets, especially those of young people who do not have huge ability to spend and spend.
The New Year in Rimini is truly a great experience, a dream come true for everyone! A classic for many the New Year in Rimini: in fact in the “entertainment capital of Italian” for December 31 sees the great celebration in the square, waiting for midnight appointment, while you uncork the champagne and celebrating together the arrival of 2015 in Rimini with residents  and tourists.
The New Year’s Eve comes with the excellent local cuisine from the most exclusive to the nice family-run inns with a tons of piadina, gnocchi, lasagna, ravioli, tortellini, fried fish. And why not try ethnic dishes on the night of New Year’s Eve? The dinner may be a chance to taste different dishes.
The fires on the water and the sand are part of Christmas preparations on the coast! So many great and beautiful nativity scenes as the Sand Crib on the beach in Rimini and the fab Christmas market, loved by children and adults.
Events, famous disco-clubs until dawn, and midnight dinners to taste the delicacy of Rimini  that will delight you in the withering of winter as it did in the summer sun shining!


Between the Sand crib  and the Christmas markets
The Sand Nativity is a newly born  but already firmly in the tradition of Rimini and already dubbing, with clones in Marina Centro, near the beach of Boscovich square, and Torre Pedrera. The latter is taken care of by the Academy of Sand and offers a landscape theme that changes every year for more than 200 characters caught in their daily lives, according to the dictates of the Neapolitan tradition sprayed with local color and folklore of Romagna.

How to get there? Simply taking the bus: the number 4 stops in front of you at the baths 64 and 65 where you will find the magic of the sculptures in the sand.

Instead the Nativity in Marina Centre takes you  from the Annunciation to the Nativity the Magi among the ancient Ariminum that emerges from the art of the sculptors. The issue, therefore, is a classic of the Nativity, set in the background of the town of Rimini as it was in ancient times. Also here are mixed with entertainment and shows many of the gastronomic events.
The cribs will be finding open from early December troughout the Epiphany and the layout is partly within the warm environment of an enlightened and open in the evenings, and partly outside.

The Sand Nativity is becoming a very special and unique attraction: increasing year after year the numbers of visitors who walk their path through the massive sand sculptures that reach up to 6 feet tall. Free admission for these and for other cribs Rimini throughout the city, such as that which lies at the foot of the Arch of Augustus!

And why after the statues of sand, don’t you walk  into the centre  of the city illuminated by large trees with Christmas classics Christmas markets? Dozens of stalls along the Corso d’Augusto, Piazza dei Tre Martiri, Piazza Cavour, Piazza Malatesta,  full of … everything: you will find local handicrafts in wood, iron or silver, the Christmas decorations glass, ceramics and wood, all completely hand-painted. In the markets you will also find jewelery, costume jewelery, as well as typical products of Romagna with a side of entertainment for children, concerts and choirs !!
In recent years, one of the main event is  also a train led by Santa Claus, who will bring you around the city centre.

The New Year’s Eve  in Rimini between past and future

Let’s play: go to visit Rimini with the ghost of New Years past. What will we find?
Not surely Uncle Scrooge, but a thousand initiatives that have moved the 2014  as the direct RAI from Piazzale Fellini with the show “The coming year” with guests and concerts of big Italian music. Check the calendar of events, Here some more infos in the official Rimini website, there will be surprises for everyone as every year! The accommodation services in Rimini, indisputable heart of the Riviera, have been attracting thousands of tourists in winter as well as in summer for more than 150 years.

On 31 December, with music and fun for the young people who choose the advantageous offers for the New Year’s Adriatic coast and want to go to Rimini for clubbing all night long. In all the clubs of the Riviera, and before going to bed, the dawn will rise on the horizon and will offer you the rays of the sun in the new year. For this reason the hotels and residences are often affiliated with the most famous clubs of the Riviera and are well connected with the places of the main events of the New Year.

Despite not having a crystal ball, yet we continue to play and take the hand of the ghost of the future for New Years present a fantastic initiative for 2014 in Rimini, which  features also a winter market and many sand cribs for a more family-oriented  entertainment.



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