Seafood pizza: when the Earth meets the water

The  seafood pizza: when Earth meets water! A fab opportunity to put together ingredients coming from different “worlds”: the flour coming from mother Earth and from its tasty fruits, and the fish, coming from the sea and the ocean , so healthy for the persons and so tasty for you! It is difficult to resit to the enchanting call of this syren! So come on board to read one of the good and different golden crispy pizza full of love and fish!

If you have already made the pizza dough, for the topping you need to use 1 Monkfish tail, Tiger prawns
Green olives (stoned), Caper berries, Tomato passata di pomodoro. You can add also some fresh basil leaves and coarse semolina flour  for the pizza peel.

When making pizza,always avoid topping the pizza with fresh tomatoes! The  waterly juice content inside them will make the pizza base soggy. Dry the tomato first and put it on in the oven. Set the oven at its lowest (around 100C) and in a couple of hours it is going to be done. The tomatoes should  retain a slight juiciness. Pre-heat the oven, cut the monkfish tail into pretty small pieces, put some coarse semolina flour onto the pizza peel.

Move the pizza base on the peel, quickly sprinkle the tomato sauce and top the pizza base with the ingredients you have chosen.

A final splash with olive oil all over the pizza will help to cook a bit everything in a soft way.

Nowall in the oven and bake it for 5-7 minutes until the base looks crispy and golden!!!

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