Sicily: sun, sea and…cannoli

Sicily is a very gnerous land not only for the historical important thetre and monuments, but also for the excellent recipe you can find over there: la cassata siciliana, la caponata (a stew made with olives, oil, aubergines) and the great and ancient Sicilian cannoli (cannoli siciliani)!

The cannoli is indeed one of the most classic desserts coming from this beautiful island:  every Sicilian family retain jealously the recipe for his members and it is not important if they are not anymore in Italy, proudly adhering to this gorgeous and tasty  Sicilian traditional dish.

Originally, the cannoli were a dessert during the carnival, but today the delicious cannolo has produced all year round.

Theay are different in size: some are really huge, others reach a medium size and some are very small!

it is written in the traditional cook book that the cannoli filling has to be made using fresh sheep milk ricotta cheese. Inside you will find a mixture of candies and sometimes chocolate drops.

To make the cannoli shells: the tradition mix it up flour with “mosto cotto” (that is, cooked grape must) or dry white wine. Marsala wine came in the common use only later, when this spirit was more convenient to buy.

To fry the cannoli shells: in Sicily, many people use just a piece of cane. The dough has been wrapped around and then put in the boiling oil. Normally, a metal cannoli tube is a well-known instrument to cook it.

The cannoli’s filling secret: the chef has to keep it in the fridge!!! The cannoli pastries have to be filled only before eating them, otherwise the risk is that every single shell will become too soft.

Some “experimental” recipe count also different kind of filling: ice cream  or luxurious “creme patissiere”. Equally delicious, why don’t you have a go with this incredible dessert?



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