Taormina: the queen of Sicily

Sicily is beautiful: let’s discover the Ionic coast between Taormina and Catania. A trip imbued of history and natural landscape, a unique, fascinating adventure in the warmth of Sicilian territory.

First start from Mazzarò, a famous beach in Taormina: here the cliffs falls into the sea literally. Then we can visit the Bella Island beach, between rocks and Mediterraneo’s flora.

Finally we arrive in Taormina, on the cliffs, dominating  a large bay with the famous Naxos gardens.

Taormina is indeed a very touristical city,  one of the most famous “riviera” in the world, and a holiday location for artists and writers at the end of the 1800. The genius of Goethe, the French writer Alexander Dumas, André Gide, Guy de Maupassant, famous painters such as Salvador Dalì, Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt, and British writers such as D.H. Lawrence and Oscar Wilde  were staying here!!!.

You will get lost around the Greek Theatre, and worth to visit are the Duomo, palazzo Corvaia, the palazzo dei Duchi of S. Stefano.

Cape Schisò closes the bay, and the landscape changes and opens up to Vulcan Etna.

From Taormina you can go and visit the East of Sicily: from the Acireale to the Eolie Islands, from the Mount Etna to the Gole dell’Alcantara, and of course Catania, Siracusa and Messina.

Caves alternates to little bays and dark volcanic sand with colourful cultivations of oranges and lemons and grapes: all of this will come along with you to Acireale. The town has been built on a lava terrace, 150 metres high over the sea:  it is famous for her thermal baths.

Leaving Acireale, we enter the Riviera of the Cyclops: small bays, rocks and indents make a fascinating way to follow. Omero wrote that Ulisse lands on an isle of the giant with one eye, the “Land of the Cyclops”, which Euripide found  here.




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