The heart of Halloween in the Marche: Corinaldo

Trick or treat? Also in Italy? positive. Italians are fascinated by this Anglosaxon tradition and year after year the Halloween fever grows and develops!!!!

This is the reason why in this period thousands of people every year visit Corinaldo, a beautiful small and medieval town located in le Marche region, for a week full of spooky  excitement.

Corinaldo is by the way named as the Italian “Capital of Halloween“, with its Party of the Witches!!! In 2012 all the events start on October 26 and on October 30 an event has been held recently called Miss Witch, a competition for the most…horrible witch in town.

The performances every year evolve around a main theme; this year is ‘”THE DESIRE” on stage: “desire to love, to live, to have fun, to improve, to take part” as mentioned in the web site. For children? Scaring as ever you and your family will follow the spooky trail such as “THE TUNNEL OF FEAR”, “THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS”, “THE TOWER OF THE TRANSFORMATION” and “ZUCCHINO” a show  that fascinate and scare tons of children.

If you are in Italy for Halloween do not miss in Corinaldo the Tunnel of Fear and the House of Spirits. Along the streets of the town you can find a selection of pubs, live music, street performers and attractions. The 18 taverns in downtown will serve up food and wine specials with a Halloween taste. On Halloween night a show of music, fireworks, and lights all around the town with a big crowd will celebrate the passage of the ghosts.

Corinaldo is as above mentioned an exquisite example of old medieval town with a gorgeous castle enclosed by its ancient walls. The town is 20 kilometers inland, between the Marche coast and Pergola.

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