TorinoDanza 2011: dancing Italy

Started on the 5th Sept up to the 4th Dec 2011, Torinodanza 2011 is a successful dance festival, organised as the most visionary programming yet attempted by the promoters in Turin.

If you are around checking the truffles fairs in Piedmont, you can’t miss a visit to beautiful Turin and also to this interesting event!

The Torinodanza festival is always in their gracious search for what the organisers call “an ethical and aesthetic centre of gravity” for the numerous events and the extravagant programme against a socially and politically worrying global backdrop.

The programme offers the likes of Bartabas with his “Le centaure et l’animal”, an astonishing mix between the creator of gypsy equestrian theatre and Ko Murobushi, the great Japanese Butoh artist.

Among the returning artists we highlight Philippe Decouflé, Emio Greco and Maguy Marin “remarkable for their capacity to evoke light and life out of darkness2 and tell us a story that is “unconstrained, political and visionary”.

This very peculiar edition also embrace the visions and the art of the contemporary circus, a workshop for visionary element and passion. The festival ends its experimental fleur with Karine Saporta’s La Princesse de Milan, based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and also with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s prototype of pure dance.

But not only international artists: the audience will have the occasion and the opportunity to meet and appreciate the contemporary Italian choreography, but also to understand the local scene with other dance associations and companies of the Piedmont region.

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