World Class Travel alla Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita has been a slogan for generations inspired and attracted to a world of luxury and vice, transformed into a legendary masterpiece by Federico Fellini in the 1960 comedy drama written and directed by the maestro himself.

For those with big budgets and deep wallets, living life to its fullest is indeed a pleasure beyond reach for most who will never get to experience “La Dolce Vita”.

Be it a holiday or a memorable event, Italy offers a wide variety of locations from which to choose in a number of regions.

Sicily, and Sardinia are the projection of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, so different in style and culture. Sicily offers a rich cultural and historical background with roman villas and heritage norman churches, Sardinia is a more fashionable and modern with striking blue waters and will surpass your expectations for a truly glamorous time. Featuring the Costa Smeralda and a natural charm thanks to the many bays and inlets of the coast.

Puglia for a truly southern experience and explore the beauties of the Adriatic of the Gulf of Taranto, with a rugged landscape and luxury farmhouses, or the romantic Amalfi Coast famous for the small boutiques in Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi and Ravello: a combination of elegance and excellence made in Italy.

Tuscany is without doubt the most popular Travel destination of Italy and boasts the highest concentration of luxury villa rentals on the market today. One of the most popular travel destinations in Italy, Tuscany is often chosen as a wedding destination. A land blessed with unlimited creativity and skills, this people created material wealth being the inventors of banking and commerce, opening the doors to a flurry of unrivaled cultural and architectural initiatives, today available only to the World Class Travelers. Tuscany’s patrimony of climate, foods and wines have paved the way in establishing the “Tuscan Lifestyle” many seek and imitate.

Villa L'Acacia in Ansedonia, Luxury Villa in Tuscany

Villa L’Acacia in Ansedonia – Foto by

Less known but not for this less appreciated is Umbria also offering typical farmhouses allowing travelers to move freely throughout central Italy and visit Assisi and the Basilica of St Francis, Italy’s patron saint, and a place of great beauty and cultural importance.

Little need to be said about Florence and Rome, the cultural cities and primary destinations of most travelers visiting Italy: With so much to see and do, these cities welcome elite travelers in posh central apartment rentals as well as villas just outside the city walls …

For a more charming and restful holiday break the lake district of northern Italy is very fashionable, offering some of the most luxurious villa holiday rentals in Italy: Lake Como and Veneto offer country homes of superior quality offering comfort, typical traditions, along with modern luxury and privacy.

With Modern Luxury travel seeking a quite more discreet style, a renewed interest in exploring and learning about local cultures and traditions, and a strong interest for little known destinations, Italy has great potential for a different holiday experience and can meet if not exceed changing consumer expectations, also in the ultra luxury travel segment.

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