Where to go with mom and daddy in Italy: when you have kids with you

Lake Garda CC BY 2.0, mfotino

Italy is a choice for all the international folk who want a better chance to taste wine, pasta and the fantastic Italian landscape in every season. But where to go if you have children? All good places for a family v are listed in this post: we want you happy with your child travelling to Italy.

Let’s start from a very beautiful place in Umbria hills: the towns here such as the holy  and medieval Assisi with its fantastic Woodland Park dedicated to san francis, the chocolate favourite Perugia are generally small enough to not be intimidating and kids enjoy exploring the stone arches and alleyways and the medieval atmosphere. The Umbria region also has a large lake where to rest and engage your kids in water sports and lovely runs on the shores.

If you travel on the coast, eastern side, you can’t miss Rome: with ancient ruins, parks, ghostly  places, and even a museum dedicated to the kids, Rome is for sure a lovely and  good family destination. Around Italy there are plenty of manors and castles to visit and it is a  funny activity for children: from Castello d’Otranto in Puglia up to the Estensi castle in Ferrara and the Paolo and Francesca’s sad story you can live again  Malatestian Rocca di Gradara in Romagna!

And please go to Florence: it is smaller than you think and you can walk serene with children inside the city centre which is gorgeous!

When your kids get bored with all the museums and monuments, just let them free in the piazza and buy a fab icecream or bring them to the medieval fairs around Italy!

At night instead of choosing a city location, stayi on a farm in Italy! Totally family-friendly,  the farm lodging ranges from pretty rustic to 5 stars staying! A room in a farm house could be a bed and breakfast or a self-catering rooms. If you are around with small children it is the ideal solutions. Tuscany and Umbria are fab places to look for an affordable agriturismo while Puglia is pretty famous for its incredible a masserie, as we already wrote about here.


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