Body Worlds exhibition in Rome: go and discover the human body

More than 34 millions people went to see this adventure inside the human body and finally it is arrived in Rome.

Body Worlds is the original anatomical exhibition series displaying authentic human bodies, willed by donors through the Institute for Plastination’s Body Donor Program!  They are preserved using a process called plastination invented by Dr. von Hagens.

Real human parts are preserved through the science of plastination and show the human body in real-life poses, like never seen before.

Body Worlds – Il vero mondo del corpo umano is in Rome from 14 settembre 2011 up to 15 february 2012 for the first time in Italy at Officine Farneto, close to Stadio Olimpico.

is a man shaped by extraordinary events: as we read in the main siteGunther von Hagens of the Body Worlds: “two year imprisonment by East German authorities for political reasons, his release after a $20,000 payment by the West German government, his pioneering invention of plastination that halts decomposition of the body after death and preserves it for didactic purpose, his collaboration with donors including his best friend, who willed and entrusted their bodies to him for dissection and public display, and his role as a teacher carrying on the tradition of Renaissance anatomists”.

Von Hagens says himself: “I was looking at a collection of specimens embedded in plastic. It was the most advanced preservation technique then, where the specimens rested deep inside a transparent plastic block. I wondered why the plastic was poured and then cured around the specimens rather than pushed into the cells, which would stabilize the specimens from within and literally allow you to grasp it.”

Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds exhibitions are showing in  America, Europe and Asia and finally in Italy. If you are visiting this beautiful city, you should go and check it!

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