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Isola di Budelli. Arcipelago della Maddalena

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Sardinia continues to be a favourite destination of tourists: the island has an unparalleled offer, excellent sea, nature, festivals and events not to be missed, in short, everything you could want for the holidays on a different scale.

Great time to visit the island is surely when it is less warm and less crowded, meaning  in the spring or fall. You can also have great prices on airlines and ferries, major reductions, discounts and convenience that allows you to choose an excellent hotel to spend the holidays in peace discovering a beautiful and interesting areas.

Santa Maria Navarrese Baunei sea is a location with excellent connections to the ports and airports of the island but is also the ideal destination for those who want to know and visit the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia.

From there you can choose to visit small places of enchantment often far from the official routes, beautiful areas of real natural interest and not only

Some examples?

Cala Luna: a scenario coming straight out from  movies! A famous example is “Swept Away” by Lina Wertmuller. Cala Luna and the beaches of the Gulf of Orosei were the perfect set for this film, a desert island where the characters are swept away.  Cala Luna is magnificent. This is in fact a beautiful cove overlooking the Gulf of Orosei is just a few kilometers from Santa Maria Navarrese. Here the beach is so beautiful that it was important location for international films, charming blue at times for a deep blue Tyrrhenian colour of the sea. Here is particularly famous the cold, white sands for those who like to take a tan golden colour, all coming with a backdrop of beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea. Getting to Cala Luna is easy indeed from Santa Maria Navarrese  – you can do so by renting a boat or a dinghy but also taking advantage of the many ferry services and mini cruises, not only for those who enjoy a different vacation, you can get to the beach via a hiking .

And then always near Santa Maria Navarrese you can not be ruled crossings Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu.

Cala Goloritze

Cala Goloritzè open to visitors with its natural arch in an almost enchanted bay. Beyond the beach you should have a walk in nature:  a spring of fresh water is tucked into a crevice in the rocks and it comes from underground river Argentinean to the sea. Goloritzè beach with his unique mix of small white pebbles and sand, has been recognized as a National Monument. From Santa Maria Navarrese trips by boat are provided for many day  to this great location and while it can be reached, always starting from Santa Maria Navarrese, with a short drive by car of 36 kilometers via highway 125, eastern road.

Cala Mariolu

A true paradise is Cala Mariolu always taking as a starting point  Santa Maria Navarese. It can be reached by private boats or by one of the shipping companies that offer a daily, consistent transport service. And this is a cove that is drawn from a small beach of white confetti and the emerald green sea.

Beautifully unspoiled it opens into the Gulf of Orosei. Cala Mariolu owes its name to the Monk Seal, called by local fishermen “mariolu” or thief. Legends tell us that in ancient times they were using the cave located in this cove to save all the mariouluesce (fish) caught before returning at the port. Very often, however, they came back to take the fruits of their labour, they did not find anything. Believing that a thief was hiding among them, soon they realized that the fruit of those who withdrew from their fishing nets were always seals acting undisturbed. Always starting from Santa Maria Navarrese you should go for a swim in these clear waters, where the sand is mixed with pebbles, which are round white and pink. Among the many remarkable caves we focus on the Grotta del Fico, reached by some boats. Here in shallow waters -almost Caribbean in their shape – lies a natural scenery and it makes a wonderful destination for those who love diving and photography.

Other interesting excursions in the area can be made in the vicinity of Tortoli to Baia Porto Frailis, very nice and comfortable beach,  fit for all needs. It is worth to visit also the nearby cliffs of  San Gemiliano with the Spanish tower, which altogether form a beautiful and charming seesighting. A must-to-see lies  always near Tortolì and it is the very well known Lido di Orri: white sand, excellent services, a paradise for bather.

Photo CC BY-SA by Hpschaefer

And if the sea stove or, as it happens, is a fresh day of mistral good will from Santa Maria Navarrese to venture into the beautiful Supramonte of Baunei and do wonderful walks accompanied by local guides in those paths that once were the daily routes of the shepherds.

Without going too far anyway we can get to Pedra Longa which stands out in the wild territory Baunei and is accessible by car from the highway 125, by boat from the Marina of Santa Maria Navarrese. or walk again starting from the center of Santa Maria Navarrese for a day of hiking to everyone that takes us to immerse ourselves in a corner of untouched nature where goats and wild pigs are passed by in silence day in search of food, in a wild and unspoiled area.

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