The 10 most haunted places to visit in Italy

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Ghosts in Italy abound in its many haunted castles and old abandoned noble house, mingling gloomy stories of courtesans and old tyrants.

What are the 10 best places in Italy, where you can have direct contact with spirits and ghosts?
1. Turin

In Turin you can go to the Manor Moncalieri, an old abandoned castle in appearance, but still animated by the old legend of a macabre figure who prowl in the big rooms icy castle,  witnessed several times  by curious visitors who ventured to these areas. It is the austere figure of a dead monk, killed during a battle in the holy war,
2. Venice

Venice is definitely one of the Italian cities with the highest number of sightings of ghosts. One above all is near the Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge, where on some days of the year you can see the ghost of Fosco Loredan, brandishing in his hands the head of the decapitated wife in the throes of a fit of jealousy.
3. Mantova

The castle of Mantova is the main character of a sad story. Here the rich landowner Francesco Gonzaga beheaded his wife Agnese Visconti, after discovering his betrayal. It is said that from the day of his death the lady to appear on the night of Christmas Day, wandering the castle and screaming forgive her husband for his betrayal.
4. Naples

In the beautiful Naples you can visit the monastery of St. Martin, which in addition to being an architectural gem is also home to many ghosts. In fact, legend has it that many who tried to attack the monastery were killed by royal guards. The bodies were never buried and just thrown to rot in the basement, with many still dying, and you can still hear the moans coming from icy underground.
5. La Spezia

In Scogna Sottana in the province of La Spezia, it is the famous “House of the Violin“, so called by the people, because it was inhabited by a famous musician. After his death, due to a long and serious illness, the house was empty for a long time and open to all who wish to stay for even one night. Many told that some nights, violin musician locked in a glass case began to play alone, and at the same time the walls of the house could be heard loud lamentations probably from the ghost violinist.
6. Palermo

The castle of Caccamo in Palermo is among the castles in Italy with more ghost sightings. In fact it is said that for anyone who visits it is not difficult to meet the old gentleman who ruled the castle, dressed in leather garments and with empty eye sockets still seeking revenge, as thrown alive in the dungeons of the castle after a conspiracy in him.
7. Milan

In the second half of the fourteenth century Bernarda, natural daughter of Bernabo Visconti, was locked in Rocchetta di Porta Nuova for adultery.
Bernarda died a few months after his imprisonment and seems to have reappeared on several occasions in the cloister of Saint Radegund in Milan, where you can still say you can see it while inveighing against the father.
8. Rome

The Phantom of Olimpia Pamphili still wanders through the square on a carriage pulled by beautiful horses blacks.
Many claim to have heard his laughter directed towards the people of Rome: her life was reserved a role of prestige and power, but never managed to make inroads in the hearts of Romans.
Today his revenge is to scare to death the unfortunate who walk at night to Piazza Navona.
9. Aosta

Aosta is one of the most beautiful castles in Italy, the Fenis castle, which is also open to visitors. Here many tourists claimed that they had heard noises and footsteps coming from the upper floor of the castle, but the strangeness is just that this plan has been fully sealed for centuries and therefore off-limits both for visitors and for the experts of the castle. The novelty is that a group of scholars of the paranormal has asked permission to the cultural heritage of the Valle d’Aosta region to investigate the phenomenon. We await further developments!
10. Genoa

Nearby Voltri near Genoa, there is one of Italy’s most famous haunted houses. It is called the house of their own souls, and was an old inn, where the managers – a family with serious mental problems – killed all those who stopped to refuel and then threw them in a mass grave. This abandoned building until the postwar period was then inhabited by a family who testified several times of strange facts and mysterious visions.

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