Discovering the Italian parks: Parco Naturale della Maremma in Tuscany

Tired of the same old same old in Tuscany yet astoninshing beauty of the towns? Discover the “secret seashore” hidden in the area of  Tuscany  called Parco della Maremma: it is a fantastic trip to be made when you  are in one of the most beautiful Italian areas.

Located between Monti dell’Uccellina and the pine wood of Marina di Alberese, limited by the mouth of the river Ombrone and the Trappola marshes, here a diversity of ecosystems co-exists since 1975 : The Natural Park of Maremma has been created to protect the flora and the fauna but also to fascinate the visitors.

The Mounts of the Uccellina dominate the central and southern part of the Park:  the highest mount is Poggio Lecci, 417 metres and the calcarous and silica hills are almost completely covered by thick vegetation. The lower part  is now utilised for grazing and olive groves.

In the Monti of the Uccellina there are towers and religeous buildings:  the ruins of the Abbey of San Rabano, the spiky towers of Castelmarino, Collelungo, Cala di Forno and the Bella Marsilia.

To the left of the mouth of the Ombrone there is a compact set of dunes covered for the main part by a pine wood. Boar and deer, but also porcupines, wild foxes, beech martens are some of the fauna spread all over in the park. To discover the beauty of this area, you can follow a number of different routes, asking or following the Park Rangers. The area also offers many different places you can spend the night.

North of Ombrone the flat lands are characterized by the Trappola marshes:  mirrors of water, called “chiari” or “bozzi”, can be  temporary and permanent. Here one can often see the Maremmani cows that live in the wild all year round drinking and resting. The ponds are home for a large number of immagratory birds in the winter, too.

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