Fond of indipendent cinema? In Rome the RIFF is waiting for you

The Independent Film Festival has been for ten years the Rome’s foremost cinema event.

If you are in rome and want some of indipendent cinema and visions, it will be for you to join the festival, which is showcasing in the current event more than 80 international movies at some of the city’s most popular theatres and cinemas.

The awards? This year is over €50,000, and the winning production has the occasion to go for theatre distribution.

The RIFF Awards are also the “Corti in Luce Award” (again offering theatre distribution to the winner), and the “New Vision Award”, granted to the most talented and emerging film director.

The RIFF philosophy is to support and broadcast an essentially young and international cinema.

The next generation cinema and cultural ideas and trends are here combining to show the audience a lively connection brought about by the new visual and narrative languages.

Independent cinema can not only renew itself in both form and content, but also pave the way to mainstream.

Your passion for innovation will lead you here at RIFF.

Check out the programme inside the Riff web site’s pages.

Here below, instead, check the special events programme:

RIFF Opening Night 2011 – Thursday, March 17, 2011, 11:00pm

Babel Club (Villa Borghese)

With a performance by the group Luis Siciliano Journey

“Un Sueño a Mitad” by Francesco Apolloni (documentary out of competition)

Sunday, March 20 – Nuovo Cinema Aquila – 6:30pm

Festival Focus “Tofifest”

Insolent Festival. Insolent Cinema. This is what we are looking for, after all, everyone has a rebel inside…

Monday, March 21 – Nuovo Cinema Aquila – 10:45pm

Anilogue International Animation Film Festival

Tuesday, March 22 – Nuovo Cinema Aquila – 8:45pm

Rio De Janeiro International Short Film Festival Curta Cinema 2010

Wednesday, March 23 – Nuovo Cinema Aquila – 8:45pm

D-generación. – New underground experiences in Spanish fiction

Screening Calendar

Program 1 – Sunday, March 20, Nuovo Cinema Aquila, 5:00pm

Program 2 – Monday, March 21, Il Kino (Via Perugia, 34), 9:00pm
Program 3 – Tuesday, March 22, Il Kino (Via Perugia, 34), 9:00pm
Program 4 – Wednesday, March 23, Screening Room of Istituto Cervantes (Piazza Navona 91), 7:00pm
Program 5 – Thursday, March 24, Screening Room of Istituto Cervantes (Piazza Navona 91), 7:00pm

The Days of Argentine Cinema

Four days of screenings dedicated to Argentine cinema, during which 7 works will be presented that are each different from the others, but also that reflect, in their own way, the atmosphere of their country of origin.

June – Cinema Farnese Persol – Campo dé fiori

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