Frico: a gorgeous recipe from Udine

Frico is a fantastic recipe made from cheese and potatoes. In the North West corner of Italy, Frico is a typical dish originated from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy.  In some parts of the region people like to add onions, some others like to put an egg  into the mix. In the end adjusts the frico recipe, often to follow their family tradition.

The two fundamental ingredients for the frico recipe? Potatoes and cheese.The egg is required to increase the volume of the dish!  Sometimes instead of boiling the potatoes, some people just grate the uncooked potatoes and carry on making the frico, like the Swiss potato rösti.  For the frico recipe the cheese is really important; just use the type of cheese they made in Friuli region: Montasio cheese.

So Boil the potatoes, smashed with a fork and add half of the amount of  fresh Montasio (about 2 months old) and half of a semi-aged Montasio (about 5 months old), otherwise use what you can get. A fresh cow’s milk cheese will be also good. You may find this type of cheese in an Italian deli shop or from a continental cheese importer.

Try not to go cheap on the cheese! And please, if it is impossible for you to get a lovely Montasio, whatever age you can find it, then look for Asiago cheese. It is really good indeed and  it will work as good as the Montasio’s one!

If you are not kissed by the luck’s fairy, no panic at all! Just look for some good mild cow’s milk cheese. You can eat with rye bread (or German type bread) and a glass of red wine (Montepulciano).


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  1. Mario Grazia Says:

    Good post!
    Frico is a tasty recipe, that lends itself to variations: here’s my variant, with asparagus tips and quail eggs

  2. Rena S. Wells Says:

    Dear Claudia,
    Your recipe (or the photo of it) looks good. However, you only explain about the cheeses and what alternatives to use and what wine goes well with the cheeses. The recipe itself seems to have been truncated after you explained that half of the cheeses are put together with the mashed potatoes. And then what???
    We are going to Udine in September. Perhaps we get to try the real Frico there.

  3. Claudia Says:

    cheers I will try to find out more and sorry! Enjoy your staying in beautiful Udine:)

  4. define: frico | from this kitchen with love ♥ Says:

    […] morning shift; which, you should know, was everyday for 6 months! But back to the frico… the recipe I found seems simple enough, and I’m really hoping it’s as easy to make as it is […]

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