Top Italian Christmas Markets in the North: let’s go and discover it

The lovely Christmas Markets in Italy are good and big as well as in the cities and in villages throughout Italy. The market sells everything: toys, candy, Christmas items, handicrafts, ect. This is a funny way to taste also regional food, drink, and music!

Christmas markets are the Mercatini di Natale: let’s go and grab some funny and useful stuff! For example, if you are in Trentino-Alto Adige Region in the north of Italy you will find one of the best examples for Christmas markets. Many mountain towns display Christmas markets and you can find on sell everything: from really tacky items up to local handicrafts.

Trento holds one of the best Christmas markets: it starts at the end of November and offers more than 60 traditional wooden huts located in Trento’s city centre. While there don’t forget to see the large Nativity Scene in Piazza Duomo!!!

Venice turn Campo Santo Stefano  into a Christmas village in December:  wooden houses  in the piazza and stalls are all over, with a lot of high quality Venetian handicrafts.

Trieste holds its market called Fiera di San Nicolo the first week of December, while in Verona you will find a huge Christmas Market with over 300 stalls and tables. When?  The second weekend of December through December 13, that is Santa Lucia Day.

Turin holds a Christmas market during December in the Borgo Dora area, with a different kind of items: open all week and on the weekends, you will see also a big Christmas tree and a nativity scene, too. Not too far from Turin, Milan has also a Christams market in the historic center from early December through January 6, as well Bologna starting from late November through early January.

Genoa differs because, besides a Christmas market, holds also a winter fair with an exhibition of arts and handicraft products for sale.

In Florence, the children can visit the house of Babbo Natale (Father Christmas)! Of course you’ll find a Christmas market  during Florence Noel: this event starts at the end of November.   Siena holds a variety of Christmas markets during December and Lucca holds a Christmas market in Piazza San Michele throughout December 26.


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