Gallipoli: discovering Apulia and the sunny shores

Gallipoli is a hidden jewel in the heel of Italy and of Apulia. Where to fly to discovery it? It is in the province of Lecce, on the west coast of the Salento peninsula, so Lecce is a good option.

Really nice is also the Borgo, the new part of the town. But Gallipoli boasts the historical centre built on an island of limestone. This marvellous place is connected to the mainland through an arched bridge. In the old days, Gallipoli was a Messapian centre named Anxa.

Then the Romans came and their domination made the little port a very important trading town: purple dyestuff, produced in the region. Gallipoli fiercely showed an old Greek culture and still nowadays they surface in its religious rites and dialect till the XV century.

After the fall of the Roman empire? Then the Barbarians, the Vandals and even the Goths came over to sack the town, but the Byzantines re-estabilished order.

The Byzantines power was followed by the Suevians and Angionians, and the old Byzantine castle later modified into a fortress show signs of restoration. The last domination was the Spain kingdom coming all the way through to this spectacular shores.

And today what we have to wait for Gallipoli? Sun, sun and sun.

The walls, embankments and towers are still up to embrace the future of a very lovely town, well-known for its incredible beaches and seaside. Important monuments, churches and castles are located here in Gallipoli’s historical centre.

The scenic small island, a kilometre and a half wide, offers a spectacular view, with its narrow alleys and little street mixing as in a maze.

The old buildings show the visitors the treasures of the time, a charming atmosphere and a delicious choice of restaurants with fish-based menu.

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