Learn how to cook Italian recipes in Maremma

back from your holydays with in your mouth the taste of Italy and of Tuscany…but how to learn the secrets of the real Italian cooking ? The delicious dishes from the Maremma are now for you to learn from scratch in one of the numerous cooking classes you can find all over Tuscany.

Of course why not to learn cucina povera directly in the Maremma Toscana, full with cooking schools and workshop on Slow Food?¬† You will find the real local chefs running it, but also lovely grannies or funny housewives very passionate about Tuscany’s traditional¬† food.

These schools are really for tourists: the common language is English, and the Maremman food is delicious: we will go to talk of Acquacotta, a delicious vegetable soup, and we already showed you the recipe to make Caciucco, a fantastic fish stew, but there are a lot more to discover and of course learn how to cook properly!

Why don’t have a go with a delicious first course such as the “pappardelle alla lepre” (pappardelle pasta in hare sauce), or a second wild course like the “cinghiale alla cacciatora con polenta” (wild boar cacciatora-style with polenta)?

Next time why do not you choose a full weekend immersions in a cooking class in agriturismo, or in a professional kitchen?

Life is too short not to go and taste great food, great wine and great cooking lessons! enjoy going to the local market and learn to choose the best fresh ingredients to make from the simplest to the most complicated dishes coming from centuries of work and passion.

And in the while you are in Maremma, plkease don’t miss Pitigliano, also known as Piccola Gerusalemme, or Little Jerusalem and a truly stunning medieval town in the heart of Maremma Toscana! On the top a tufa ridge, you will find also¬† Etruscan tombs close to the cliff!



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