Limoncello: a taste of lemon to drink

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur known for its refreshing sweet flavor. It is made from simple ingredients: lemon rinds, alcohol, sugar and…passion!

Served as a digestive, or after-dinner drink to help in digestion, limoncello is good also in a cocktail. Limoncello was born in Southern Italy, along Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Sorrentine Peninsula, where  the lemon cultivation is spread and flourishes. “Limoncello di Capri” is one of the finest limoncellos in commerce.

For limoncello’s recipe, you should use brightly coloured, unblemished and aromatic organic lemons. And for the alcohol? Use grain alcohol such as Everclear (75.5 percent alcohol). Some like to add vodka but I didn’t so just follow your taste!

The process is quite simple but requires patience. Usually the mothers and the grannies used to gather in winter time before Christmas and peel lots of kilos of lemons to grant limoncello for all the families and along all year.

So what to do?Start just peeling the lemons carefully, in order  to catch the rinds only and then we will need to soak them.

Most traditional recipes advice an 80-day soak, because the longer the rinds soak, the deeper the color will be. In fact, limoncello can be pale or canary yellow.

After the soak, the rinds will be discarded, and you will add water and sugar to the lemon-infused alcohol you have produced. It is possible to make also creamy limoncello, but the main ingredients to add is milk. Whatever you made you should put the spirit inside the freezer and keep it there

Serving limoncello: pour it straight from the freezer!

The cocktail: Combining with champagne or sparkling water limoncello is  a refreshing summertime cocktail!

The cakes: Limoncello can also be added in cakes and icecream, over fresh fruit, gelato or cakes. You can whisk it into ricotta or mascarpone.

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