Tuscany, a trip into nature

A trip into a beautiful nature: this is Tuscany!

Monte Argentario, for example, was once an island on the coast of Tuscany and now it is connected to the mainland by large sand bars and lagoons. The heritage is both Spain and Naples and the fleur is belonging more to a southern Italy area than to a Tuscany’s one.

Monte Argentario is full of wildlife and ancient forest and woods. It’s about 150 km north of Rome and 190 km south of Pisa. The mountain degrades into an astonishing rocky coastline. The wildest place  of Tuscany, it is located in the Maremma region of southern Tuscany.  Grosseto is about 40 km away, when nearby are the islands of Giglio and of Giannutri. The closest airports? Rome or Pisa .

Orbetello is into the lagoons between the mainland and Monte Argentario.  It is basically a pedestrian street with shops, bars, and restaurants that cuts through the center of town; outside plenty of lovely and nice beaches, as well as in Tombolo della Feniglia, a nature reserve in the lagoon full of pine trees, birds, deer, and wild pigs.

Porto Santo Stefano is one of two harbour towns. The 16th century Fortezza Spagnola “rules” the little city. Inside you`ll find an unusual “Museum of the Masters of the Axe” and the Submerged Memories exhibit with archeological findings from the sea. Interesting place to get the ferries and explore further the Tuscan archipelago.

Porto Ercole is one of the most incredible town on the island. Forte Filippo is on the hill near the town. Fishermen’s cottages are waiting for you and along the coast you can find both sandy and rocky beaches. If you climb up the hill from the harbour, you can visit in the old town the Chiesa di Sant Erasmo, with a marble altar and tombstones with the Spanish govenors. The Rocca is exactly here, meaning in the old town and can be visited as well.

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