Tasty Agnolotti from Piemonte

Agnolotti are a kind of stuffed pasta coming from Piemonte: you can find them filled with cheese, or meat, vegetables. All the recipes‘ variations are delicious and worthy to taste and to prepare.
The shapes are always the same, though, in spite of the variety of  fillings. They have to be square and small,  made from a very thin sheets of pasta.
Which are the ingredients? It seems complicated to make, but it is not, believe me! As a kid, I used to help my granny with her pasta making every Sunday.
Here we go for the pasta: 500 g flour, 8 yolks and 2 whites.
Make the dough from the flour and the eggs , put it in a bowl, cover all with a tea-towel or a wrap, and let it sit.
The filling? 300 g cooked lightly seasoned pot roast, 150 g roast pork loin, 75 g fresh, mild sausage, 100 g brains, 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, a bunch of escarole, Parmigiano, 3 eggs, freshly grated nutmeg, salt.

Boil the sausage and the brains for a few minutes, then remove them and let them cool. Remove the sausage skin and crumble it, while removing the pig brain’s membranes. Mince it all with the cooked escarole. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with your fingers.

Take the pasta dough, cut and shape the sheet into two equal-sized pieces, and make the squared shapes for agnolotti. put the filling in one square and cover with the other pasta’s little square.

The sauce to dress our fab dish? The most common are butter and fresh sage, freshly grated Parmigiano or Grana Padano  Boil the agnolotti in a meat stoke, take them out and season them with the butter and sage along a light red.

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