Riccione: very modern beach resorts in Romagna


Riccione and its beach: in summertime it shows a perfect organization and an impeccable professionalism of its staff which are renowned for one of the cities of the Riviera‘s most famous in the world for its warm welcome.
Also visit the baths of Riccione to relax and improve your health!
There are some interesting opportunities in this town of Romagna for the tourism trade fair: the Palazzo dei Congressi in Riccione is a conference facilities at the highest level for efficiency, professionalism and hospitality, with many  offers associated with business, well-beings and tourism related topics.
The Palazzo del Turismo is also located in the centre of Riccione, close to Viale Dante and Viale Ceccarini and the Palazzo dei Congressi. The facility can accommodate exhibitions and events, and it is home to the tourist information offices and tourism Office in Riccione.

The heart of the entertainment in the town is to dance, play or dine with your partner on the beach. You go to Marano di Riccione, in the northern outskirts,  rediscovered  a few years ago by the many trendy bars sprung up directly on the beach. You will expect to plunge in a Brasil-like atmosphere: mostly open during the summer, during the day the beaches closeby are equipped with whirlpool and games for children.
On the square the Rain Forest” fountain designed by Tonino Guerra is known by all the locals and also by the visitors. In summer in that square Radio DJ will be broadcasting live from Riccione. At Christmas time, a skating rink on ice will be set up, during  while New Year’s Eve Piazza Roma is the main focus for watching concertsand fireworks. The old part of the city is also crossed by a train that goes to Riccione in the summer, while in winter you will be invited from Riccione to the country-like Ciocopaese”, a food and wine event that for years was the home to all kinds of chocolate prepared by master chocolatiers. Riccione since 2008 and offers wine and chocolate together. A bonus for foodies!!
On the whole the town is also very famous for engaging a solid base of various kind of accommodation and thousands of last minute offers, which make here very affordable am accommodation and make the tourism industry flourish . The Adriatic Coast in Riccione is at its best in the field of access to innovation and to the many services: hundreds of residences and hotels, great rooms and great hospitality. The Green Pearl of the Adriatic awaits your visit!

The landscape  and the beaches

The landscape of the Adriatic coast is really nice: the beach bordered by pine forest that is produced in a wide embrace for the entire coastal part, the beautiful hills behind the beaches and within walking distance from the beach, the sea and the green which is distributed around Riccione.
The new boardwalk was opened in May 2008 for the town  and it is completely pedestrian with access also for bike, green areas and benches, water fountains and traffic strictly prohibited.
And if you have a car? Do not worry, you will have  for you an underground parking! Worth a visit to the amusement parks in Riccione: the gigantic slides of Aquafan, the “travelinside the sea and on the planet Earth that will  takeyou on a great adventure in the theme parks. Also the live performances of the most amazing and spectacular kind on the wide screen of 600 square meters of the IMAX theatre will not disappoint you and your family.


The beach and the reception  team up to offer the best of the hospitality in the Adriatic coast, and  great seaside villages seamlessly monitored thanks to its famous and experienced lifeguards.

Many tourists of all nationalities love to come in Riccione. A flourish of cabins, deck chairs and umbrellas next to resort and a networks for traditional beachsports in many beach in the Riviera are  included in the experience, topped with an excellent organization and also equipped gyms,  alternate pools with Jacuzzi and relaxation area.
In Riccione promenade, in Viale Ceccarini, a stroll is mandatory: every night you can join a different venue between appetizers and music, laughter and flirt! In the disco you pass unforgettable hours that punctuate and articulate fantastic nights spent dancing both in the summer and winter clubs. They are glowing worlds that throb a fast-paced and fascinating music, mixed by the best international DJs.

The Romagna is home of Liscio in the balera, venue celebrating this kind of music.Recently the Latin American dances last cry churn out every year or it will come back into fashion some ancient ones, such as salsa and tango. The body dances in the sun or under an umbrella or in the temples of modern music in Riccione!

Hinterland and excursions

Riccione also offers itineraries inside its beautiful and picturesque hinterland. The locations you can drive to are full of ecstatic landscapes, castles and palaces flourished in medieval and Renaissance history under the aegis of Malatesta. You will have at hands a rich calendar of events, including folklore, festivals and celebrations.

Just 8 km from Riccione you will find Coriano, situated between old farms, vineyards and olive groves where you can walk in the Park Marano River and the Valley of the Rio Melo to be enjoyed also in the autumn with the Feast of the Olives and Sangiovese.
Gradara is 14 km away: here we revisit the story of Paolo and Francesca, and if you are going to see the Rocca in the third weekend of July, do not miss the charming medieval re-enactment Seduction at the Castle.” Then in regard to the cousine, you will taste typical gradarese, the bigol, a special handmade noodles topped with porcini mushrooms or meat sauce. Also at approximately 14 km away there is Morciano di Romagna that offers the Fair of St. Gregory, March 12, specializing in sheep, cattle and thoroughbred horses.
Twenty miles away comes Gemmano the door to visit the valley of the Conca with the Caves of Onferno and its choice food and wine made ​​from Sangiovese and Trebbiano and roast meat. It is located approximately 20 km from Riccione also Montefiore Conca and a beautiful and imposing Malatesta fortress. In July, the cultural festival Rocca di Luna and the Well-beingFair, while in October the Chestnut Festival. By eating the delicious passatelli here are in stock, and in autumn chestnuts sprinkled with wine.
Also nearby Montecolombo and its famous castle of the XI century.
Stunning is Mondaino and its Piazza Maggiore with a circular structure and a neo-classical portico. In July, you will have fun and eat greedily during the famous Festival of Tripe and Strozzaprete, while beautiful is also the Palio del Daino (3rd week of August) with its atmosphere which reproduce the accurate and precise medieval environments. Enjoy the nettle and ricotta ravioli and roast in plum sauce.
After sixty kilometres is then Casteldelci, rich in perennial springs, the height in the Middle Ages, with the establishment of fortresses and castles. From the Ponte Vecchio you can see the towers of Gattara, the tower del Monte and the Bell. The hotels and hotels where you are going to stay in Riccione offer for sure brochures with the many possible routes and directions on how to get there!

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