Pizza recipes: tricks and treat

How to make a good home made pizza? The recipe is still fundamental for those who are trying to make pizza for the first time  and want to achieve a crispy result. At home, it is not that easy to duplicate the same pizza you have tasted in Italy, coming from the hands of a “pizzaiolo” and from the womb of a wood burning oven!!

The  flour is chosen with care and the pizza master can make the dough fly in the air. But also we simple home cooks have our little tricks to make real and good out attempt to make an home-made  pizza.

Let’s talk about the flour: in Italy, most of the pizza professionals use “00” flour, a very fine type but  there are many different “00” kind in the Italian market, to suit specific uses. As a general guidance to make pizza,you should use an Italian “00” type flour made from soft wheat.In those countries where the flour is classified as soft, plain, strong and very strong, it is better to use plain flour. Strong and very strong flours are for making the traditional bread.

For the dough, you should use flour, water, yeast and a bit of olive oil. The ideal temperature for the pizza dough? 22°C.

You can raise the dough for two hours but it is even better if you can wait at least 8 hours: in this way  the dough can have the time to develop flavour and texture.

A traditional pizza base has to be very thin: so put  a thin pizza base, in a very hot oven! Use “passata di pomodoro”, a bit of oregano and olive oil, if you want.

If you have a professional electric oven, the oven temperature should be between 280°C and 320°C  while the cooking time should be 3-4 minutes. With a home cooker oven, don not go above 240°C (gas mark 9), while you need to cook the pizza for about 7-10 minutes.


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