Opera in Italy

The opera season starts generally October and goes to March or to April. Then it comes the outdoor performances in the summer. Opera houses hold theater and dance performances at other times of the year, too.

Where are the top opera houses and theaters in Italy?

La Fenice (the Phoenix) is in Venice and gained the fame in all Europe. La Fenice in fact first opened in 1792 but the theatre was twice damaged by fire. Milan’s most famous opera house is Teatro Alla Scala, incredible feelings going there for all the opera fans.


Parma’s neo-classical theatre was built in 1829 and it holds opera, dance, and drama performances and the Teatro Comunale di Bologna‘s opera house  is a fab example of 18th century baroque architecture in the heart of Bologna’s historic area. Teatro Verdi in Pisa (1867) has 900-seat auditorium and a beautiful ceiling fresco.

Rebuilt in 1973, Turin’s opera house is in Piazza Castello, because the original 19th century theatre was destroyed by fire.

But if you go in the South of Italy,  you are going to the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, surely the oldest opera house in Italy (1737). Here opera, ballet, and short comic opera are still performed. And  also the beautiful Teatro Massimo in Palermo is one of the finest theatre in Europe. Opened in 1897, the programme includes opera, ballet, and music.


And back to the Italy capital, Rome, we find stunning  opera houses as in the summertime opera and dance performances are held in the ancient Baths of Caracalla, a spectacular setting outdoor “worth-a-visit”. Another fantastic historic setting for opera is represented by the well-known Arena di Verona, a restored ancient arena from Roman Empire period. The open-air opera season starts in June but sometimes it is possible to see other performances over the year. Keep in touch with the main website and the tickets website: you will find your fab opera to follow in one of the most astonishing and beautiful locations in Italy!!!


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