Roma Film Festival is coming in October

The sixth edition of the International Rome Film Festival will be held from October 27 to November 4, 2011, at Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica, the spectacular arts complex created by world-famous architect Renzo Piano.

Rome Film Festival starts in late October: so you have a plenty of time to book your flights and go Rome!

The event will  include international movie premiers, a fab competition, and lots of collateral events. So in the while you are going to see the Colosseo and Michelangelo’s painting in Sistina Chapel, or waving at the Pope from Piazza San Giovanni, maybe you will find sometimes also to enjoy a great film fest!

The festival will be occupying  five theatres – Santa Cecilia, Sinopoli, Petrassi, Teatro Studio, and Studio 3 – reserved for screenings and encounters, while the Foyer, Auditorium Arte, Spazio Risonanze and the Museo Archeologico will host an array of other events.
The Official Selection is the main  event and it is a meaningful gist of its artistic and stylistic identity. The selection will present a lineup of feature films both in competition and out of competition.

We have 4 section as a whole. As we can read from the guide to the events and to the selection: “Featured in Extra are world or European premiere documentaries in competition, a selection of cutting-edge, independent feature films, as well as encounters and cinema lessons. Alice nella città targets youth cinema and is divided into 2 sections depending on the age of the viewing public.”

The last one is Focus, an “eclectic cross-disciplinary section turns its spotlight on special features that the selected country has to offer, presenting different arts and genres from all over the world”. Great occasion to take a vacation, some days off and enjoing not only the eternal city, but also one of the most exciting film festival in Italy!

Glam, great movies and an international stars “river” will come and celebrate the magic of Rome. A great scenario in which pictuirng yourself and a cinema festival, isn’it?

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