What to bring in Spring time in Italy? Mind the luggage

Spring time: meaning it is time to have a vacation and go to Italy! But what to bring in Italy in Spring time? This transition period from one extreme cold weather  to another extreme hot one, in Italy is tricky, if you travel there: so what to pack for Italy travel in spring or fall? What is appropriate and what ?

First: the weather forescast! The weather in Italy during the Spring and fall is a bit crazy and changeable, so be prepared for quick changes and bring things that serve diverse purposes.

Second: the magic packing list! Layering your clothing is the key to packing for the shoulder seasons. Let’s think specifically:

  1. To deal with rain more than with cold draghts. You will need a water-resistant jacket or a light coat.
  2.  Having a scarf or a shawl is good if it might get chilly.
  3.  The Spring is a shoulder seasons and not that dry. Having shoes that are water resistant can avoid the annoying phenomenon known as “wet socks”.
  4. The comfort of  slippers after a long day of walking has no prize. Please do remeber to bring one pair with you and you will thank me.
  5. Rainy Spring and windproof umbrella can beat the sudden rainstorms in Italy. Put one inside your backpack!
  6. Shielding you from rain and  sun is important. Use a nice hat! On the same line, another important element will be the sunglasses. Avoid the sunburn on vacation. Bring your favourite sunscreen or buy it in Italy!
  7. Again for the sun and the sudden hot weather bring with you  a small paper fan.

Do not forget to bring some “church appropriate” clothes. Many Basilica or churches have strict dress code: your shoulders, knees, midriffs, and (ladies) cleavage shold be hidden. A light shawl can help, as well a lightweight trousers or a long skirt, to enter the holy places in Italy.

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