April in Venice: warmth, jogging and festivals

Venice in spring: a perfect place for jogging and going around to discover the beauty of an astonishing town!

Venice has a unique fleur: no cars, no smog, no slope, just some bridges. In the early morning no one are in the streets and you can discover the Fondamenta delle Zattere, 1400 meters long, with 5 bridges, in front of the Giudecca Island. A nice route is also the Riva dei Sette Martiri, between  the Arsenale and San Marco, with the Biennale Gardens and Sant Elena Park.
Tourists tend to come in squad to Venice in April: a “wild” choice of classical music concerts is always “a la carte”, and in the mid-April  it will wait for you and your family the Culture Week.

Actually, the Settimana delle Beni Culturali is a week which is a celebration all over Italy: public museums and monuments are open for free and, sometimes, for longer hours! This is an occasion to take!

Some museums in Venice  participate to the Culture Week including the Accademia, the Ca d’Oro, and the Archeological Museums. The week almost always happens in April, but check the Beniculturali website for the dates.

April 25 is both the Festa di San Marco and the Liberation Day for Italy: Saint Mark is the famous Venice’s patron saint, and he is celebrates with a gondoliers’ regatta.

A lot of  commemorations of the saint will be at Saint Mark’s Basilica, and celebration in Saint Mark’s Square. In the tradition also has been written that the Saint Mark’s Day is the day on which men give their wives or girlfriends the “bocolo,”meaning  the bloom of the red rose. Often Venetian boys give a single rosebud to their mothers on this day, which  also is the anniversary for Italy and  Venice free from the World War II.

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