Halloween in Italy: a creepy and bloody discovery

Halloween in Italy: but what to visit that retain a taste for the scaring that we like so much? There are spooky places in Italy that can be visited any time of year. Are you ready for exploring these creepy sights?
If you are in Italy on All Saint’s Eve (Halloween) try out the Urban Trekking, special walks and trail to medieval towers, crypts, dungeons, or castles.

Are you still looking for something different?

Benevento, in southern Italy, is called the City of Witches, a big part of its folklore.  Are witches not that gruesome? Several towns in Tuscany can offer torture museums with items used to torture victims during the Inquisition. San Gimignano has one of the best! Also in Umbria, beneath the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Narni, you can visit the underground torture chambers.


Talking about deads and the other world after life, go and visit San Michelle, the Venice‘s cemetery island with two churches and many tombs. In early November the cemetery is full of flowers for All Saint’s Day. Going south, more than 40,000 corpses has been dumped into a cave just outside the city walls of Naples, during  the plague.

Not recommended for young children, the mummy exhibition in Ferentillo’s Mummy Museum located below the Church of Santo Stefano in Umbria and the Mummies Cemetery in Urbania’s Church of the Dead in Le Marche are the creepiest places to visit.  Mummies are pretty scaring also near Palermo, Sicily, in the Capuchin Monastery , not to mentioned the Capuchin Crypt in Rome’s historic center.

Are you still in Rome? Plenty of scary places including catacombs and crypts, like the Museum of Purgatory, a Monster House, and the Vatican necropolis close to Rome. The scary trip can end here, but do not underestimate what can happen during Halloween even in Italy.


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