Amalfi: romance and history in the south

Romantic beaches, beautiful landscapes and luxury resorts all surround the Amalfi Coast. This is one of the most prestigious and glam experience you can have in Italy. Visitors from all over the world are coming over for the journey in the Amalfi Coast and they are rewarded with fantastic views and incredible experiences. A trip among relics, cliffs overlooking the sea, clear water and hot weather is a  dream, especially if comes along with delicious food and fantastic ingredients. The Naples’are cousine is an experience you can’t miss  once you get here.Let’s go offshore and meet with the fabled island of Capri, first, then we will get back to the coast and explore its secrets and its touristical atractions.

The island of Capri is famous as an important movie location: stars like Sofia Loren but also writers as Ernest Hemingway! Capri is in fact a Mediterranean fabled island of calcareous origin.  Intellectuals, artists and writers visited Capri over the centuries, all enchanted by its magical beauty.

Capri is easily reached by ferry from Sorrento and you will find shops, beaches and international tourists surrounding you as you explore the island. Wild nature, culture and events in such a mild climate invite you to come here and visit in particular the beauty of the Blue Grotto. A number of steps are descending into the valley below and here comes the Matermania Grotto, an impressive natural cavern changed during Roman times into a luxurious Nymphaeum. After the raising of the island during the paleolithic period, the “grotto” was liberated from the erosive action of the waves and the wind.
Beyond the Grotto, an easy path along the cliff bordering the sea brings to Villa Malaparte, built at Punta Massullo. Tragara Belvedere is the starting point of another breath-taking tour, and after that you can reach  the centre in a few minutes. Memories of the Greek colianism survive in the place.
One of the most popular of the cities along the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is an incredible collection of brightly coloured houses along the cliffs, kissed by the sun. Sorrento is an excellent start for visiting the rest of the coast including other major cities.

Famous also in Greek times, the legend tells us that the sirens lived  in Sorrento’s waters. Sailors couldn’t resist the beautiful song of these charming half-women/half-fish monsters. The truth is that Sorrento looks directly over the Bay of Naples to Mt. Vesuvius, and could be the starting point to reach the west, where you can find the best of the peninsula’s virgin countryside and, beyond that, the famous Amalfi Coast; to the north Pompeii and the archaeological sites will be worth a trip.


Amalfi was in the past one of the most powerful cities and marine republic in Italy. Today it is a beautiful stop along the coast. A seaside stroll with lunch or dinner is perfect and it is also less crowded than Sorrento.

Praiano is another town lying in the sun and on the cliffs with a lot of history and more affordable prices. Ancient interesting relics like the ones of Saint Luke you can find in Chiesa di San Luca Evangelista. Once just a remote village of fishermen, Praiano now it is a popular resort with a stunning clear water  and a fantastic views from hotels and belvedere. The town is built into the walls of a cliff along a steep declice, but wandering streets and staircases make it easy to visit the town and access the restaurants as well as the galleries.

With your family or just as a great vacation, especially in June when the climate is good but not too hot and the beaches are not that crowded, Amalfi Coast is waiting for you from all over the world.

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