Matera’s Festa della Madonna Bruna: in early July a sparkling fest

Matera’s Festa della Madonna Bruna is on
July 2nd and it is a spectacular fireworks spectacle.

This pearl is located in Italy’s Basilicata region and Matera has a special celebration on the second of July called the Festa della Madonna Bruna, one of the most interesting summer festivals in Italy. The town was pretty famous all around the world for its sassi.

They are very peculiar buildings, builded up inside the rock. White rocks all over where the peasants use to get to defende themselves from the hot sun, and where also the cattle did find a useful shed. Wheater in Basilicata can be very very warm and lovely!  Eating here is another discovery that you must try out! Pasta, pizza and particular dessert like biscotti, bread which is coming directly from the farmer table as usual in southern Italy.

This town where Pasolini directed  “Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo”, a masterpiece of Italian Cinema back in the ’70, shows us its own beauty throughout this festival: the streets are going to be decorated with festive lights, the”sassi will see then the parade of costumed men on horses called the Knights of Santa Maria della Bruna. Then in the night a float will come by. Created out of paper maché by local artisans,  it will make the whole route through the town.

Also a fake fight opposing guard and youth will displayed. The youth, representing rebirth, had to fight agais the old, established status quo. The devotion to the brown Madonna is not uncommon in the south of Italy, though.
Fireworks in Matera are really a big show to see.  The Festa of the brown Madonna will be in Matera and among the other things

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