Venice and the 5 senses trip to go

Imagine you can do a list for things to do/experience/see/live in Venice. If you only get out of your Italian trip just one day to dedicate to this unique city, before getting to visit the museum, why don’t you wonder around following your 5 senses?

Let’s  start our journey just wandering around following your eyes: you can find Venice’s  charming and empty squares and streets like in the gheto, the Jewish ghetto, which are full of tradition and full of marvellous palace. Of course why don’t go at night inside Piazza san marco to take an heartbreaking view of the town? Around ten everything is shut here and not many people are going around! So take the occasion and follow your sight at night in Venice!

The best time for St. Mark’s Square is early morning too. So when you are still around just switch to a more interesting kind of trip following …your nose! Venice has a plenty of magnificent smelly places: the canals and the famous Rialto market for example are a great idea! In this way you will feel like a Venetian, who gets his food supplies from Rialto, particularly well-known as a fish market, fresh veggies and fruit. Follow the smell of the fried fish, of the fegato alla veneta coming out of the restaurant! and of course take sometimes to nibble around the great venice cousine!

Time to switch again and follow…your ears! The gondoliers are singing for you, so the sweating crowd crying for some rest, and the water? You need to hear the consistent passsage of the water under the bridge and …nothing else! Venice has no noise coming from car: only vaporetto and gondola, which is really nice! Again change again and switch to your hands. Go and touch the marble, the mosaic, the water if you  wish, the gondola again, just close your eyes and feels the walls of the great and ancient it satisfing? Hope so and enjoy Venice!

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