Visiting Ravenna: what to do with kids

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Ravenna can be defined with certainty a treasure unknown to the majority of Italians. Overshadowed by the most famous Italian art cities (Florence, Rome, Venice, Naples) it is actually an extraordinary town that attracts tourists  and art lovers from all around the world.

Few know that Ravenna was three times the capital of three empires: the Roman Empire, of King Theodoric of the Goths and of the Byzantine Empire in Europe.

This past is witnessed by basilicas and baptisteries in Ravenna, where it is kept the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the fifth and sixth centuries. Few also know that Ravenna has eight monuments included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO and that the remains of Dante are kept here, and not in Florence.

  • In summer there are 35 kilometers of coastline. For nature lovers, a few kilometers away it is the Po Delta and the Valleys of Comacchio, in addition to the pine forests of Classe and San Vitale and the oasis of Punte Alberete. In short, if you were among those who did not know Ravenna, now you have no more excuses.

Visiting Ravenna, what to do if you have kids?

Bring the kids to Ravenna: as its multicolored mosaics, it can be a wonderful experience, not too away from the beaches, but also close to the imperial heart of this town, because the city is no shortage of things that can attract the curiosity of children.

While it is the mosaic  the true protagonist of Ravenna, the treasure that enchants young and old alike, nowdays as it did thousands of years ago, the city holds a few surprises that will delight children.
Today we will try therefore to provide a few tips for anyone who wants to build a day dedicated to children.
Obviously this is not an exhaustive itinerary but only some little advice based on our experience, hoping they can be useful for when you bring your children to Ravenna.

Mosaics Children

Of course we start from the mosaic! But we chose the one suitable for children. Tamo (Whole Adventure of Mosaic) and in fact a large exhibition center in the heart of Ravenna, which among many great appointments,  also offers workshops and initiatives for the fun and learning of most children.
The initiative is called Tamo for Kids and find more information at this link (
The Little Museum of Dolls and Toys
The Little Museum of Dolls and Toys ( contains dolls and toys from various periods (1860 to 1950) made of different material, form and shape.
Inside there are also small children’s rooms, kitchens, shops, a sort of big “Doll House” that certainly will capture the interest of children.
The aquarium in a Church
In Ravenna, there is a church where, like an aquarium, you can see goldfishes swimming happy and alive.
Do you not believe us? Yet it’s true!  St. Francis Church crypt lies below sea level and the water invades it regularly made the chamber become…a small pool. Therefore under the altar you can see a small “bathtub” with a goldfish swimming blessed around ancient floor.
The children will be surely enchanted!
Marinoette in House of Puppets
The House of Puppets is a small museum by appointment that allows children to discover the magical world of marionettes, puppets and fire eaters.

Sundays from October to March is held at the space Almagia the Exhibition “The Art of the Puppet“, with performances with puppets, puppets and actors as well juggling, puppetry and art varies.
The Tomb of Dante and Dante Museum
The great poet rests in Ravenna in a small white mausoleum where shines the light of a votive lamp whose oil offered by the city.
The sections of the museum collect representations inspired by the work of Dante Alighieri and the kids can tell the story of a poet in love with a girl named Beatrice …

MAR (Art Museum of the City of Ravenna)
MAR (Art Museum of the City of Ravenna), in addition to the permanent collections of the Museum, offers workshops for children, with routes designed for different age groups of participants. For information please refer to the website:
In short, there are many things you can do in Ravenna with the children, beyond the classic beach, or perhaps on their own in a rainy day, transforming it into a special day!
If, while you’re in the area, do not miss the amusement park Mirabilandia

What and where to eat in Ravenna

We tell you right away: Ravenna is not a place for those who are trying to get in shape. It is almost impossible to resist the abundant, fat, succulent and delicious  Romagnola cuisine.

It usually starts with cold cuts and squacquerone on piadina, continue with cappelletti and tagliatelle with meat sauce.

Then you can switch to meat, fish and seafood or guests of the abundant local channels, such as eels and frogs. You will end up with a sweet mascarpone and goes around with Albana, Sangiovese, Trebbiano.

Two good places to sample the local cuisine are Ca de Ven and Locanda del Melarancio in the city center. For a flat bread (piadina) on the fly there are the piadina of Melarancio always in the center and many other places to try with more or less pleasant results.

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