Come to Italy and learn how to be a chef

CHEF IN ITALYAre you trying to get the secrets of the delicious Italian recipes you tasted in your journey there? To learn everything about the beloved Italian dishes that make the local cuisine so tasty and world-famous, just grab your web connection and look for a delicious cooking class in Italy.

Tuscany is a good place to start with, when you think of a cooking schools: they are plenty in Tuscany but also in the close-by Umbria region. Maybe we can say that in Tuscany you can find one of the most numerous ammount of cooking schools and the local products are also amazing: wine, olive oil, veggie and fish, meat and loads of cheese!

But if you were already in the beautiful Tuscan region, you could be interested in exploring another beautiful part of the country thanks to your interested for the cooking art. Lots of cooking schools are both in the countryside close to farms and agriturismo, or you can find it also in the main cities! If you can drive we advice you the cooking schools which are located in more rural lodging.
Interesting to say, some part of your cooking class would be a regular trip to the Italian markets!! It will be fun pick up all the  ingredients for the day’s recipe!

Some other times it will be included in the course to pay a visit to a osteria, a local winery or to a cheese maker to see how the prime ingredients are made. Choose an all-inclusive experience for you cooking esploration of Italy
It could be  a day, it could be a week or two, but it is always fun a class in cooking: check out how much free time you’ll be managing. If you’re in an agriturismo for a week in the middle of nowhere, it would be crazy to get a bus and reach the main city nearby.


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